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Online Casino Guide For European Casino Players

What is Bitcoin and How Can You Get it?


Bitcoin is the best currency for betting due to low fees, anonymity and transaction speed. In this article you will find out how to buy bitcoins and become part of a revolution in the world of gambling.


By buying you become a participant in the largest economic revolution since the invention of paper money. Today you do not need to be an IT specialist and wait for weeks to buy this newfangled currency.


As yet, Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, with a market capitalization of more than $140 million, as of 2019. It can be said that Bitcoin for the cryptocurrency market is the same as dollar for the global economic market.


There are two main ways how you can purchase Bitcoins: either by mining or by buying them. Mining is a rather expensive and complicated process. Therefore, I recommend you to buy bitcoins, especially if you are new to this, because it is much easier. 


It’s not so difficult to exchange your usual (USD, Euro, etc.) for BTC (Bitcoin in the crypto exchange ecosystem). Due to the popularity of Bitcoins new and more convenient ways to exchange your money for treasured Bitcoins appear every day. And in order to do this, you need to do the following:


  • Create and configure a Bitcoin wallet;
  • Choose a trustworthy place to purchase Bitcoins;
  • Choose a payment method and buy Bitcoins.


Let's take a closer look at each of these points.


Create and Configure a Bitcoin Wallet


Creating and customizing your Bitcoin is the first thing you should. A Bitcoin wallet is an analog of a bank account on the Bitcoin network. Bank accounts come in different types, with different conditions, for different customers. And it’s just like that with Bitcoin wallets.


One of the best Bitcoin wallets for beginners is Copay, a nice bonus of which is the ability to synchronize the same account on all major platforms - Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS and Android.


Just download the application to your convenient platform (computer and / or phone) and follow the installation instructions. Then create a strong password and back up. Also, think of a codeword in case you will need to restore your account. Done! 


Some services promote their own online wallets. But I recommend you to store funds in your own wallets, so nobody else can have access to it. It is best for it to be an offline wallet in order to reduce the risk of losing your funds due to hacking or errors on third-party servers.


Where to buy Bitcoins


First of all, you need to find out if Bitcoin is allowed in your country. Even though it is legal in most countries, you still want to make sure. In turn, not all companies and exchanges can provide their services in certain regions.


The places where you can buy Bitcoins are: online cryptocurrency exchangers, online exchanges, direct payments, Bitcoin ATMs. These options are very different from one another, so I will describe each of them in more detail.


In my opinion, online exchanges and cryptocurrency exchangers are the simplest and most reliable options. When buying Bitcoins in exchangers, they usually require proof of identity, according to the requirements of local and international law. This makes this method less anonymous.


If you are an advanced user and anonymity is important for you, then it’s best for you to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM. Or you can search for an anonymous options on online exchanges.


Direct payments are an option for people who already understand the topic of cryptocurrencies and are ready to take a certain risk. This is the most flexible and anonymous option in which funds are transferred from wallet A to wallet B. If you are new to all this, then I strongly do not recommend this option, unless you are personally acquainted with the seller and know that you can trust him.


Online Cryptocurrency Exchangers


Buying Bitcoins in online exchangers is the most common way.  Online exchangers act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller of cryptocurrencies, and the principle of their work is no different from the work of exchange offices near your home. Exchange offices also charge a certain fee for their mediation.


When choosing an exchanger, you need to consider the following factors: reliability, amount of commission, available payment methods and requirements for opening an account.


Please note that not all exchangers accept your usual currency, as some of them work only with cryptocurrency.


I recommend trying Bitstamp. It is one of the first licensed online exchangers. Bitstamp offers low fees and flexible deposit offers.


Online Bitcoin exchangers are very easy to use. After creating an account, you will need to pass an identification: confirmation of identity, your address and phone number. The documents required to verify your identity may vary depending on the laws of your country. Verification of your identity increases the currency exchange time to several days, so it’s best to plan this operation in advance.


After everything is done, you will be able to freely make deposits and change the currency. Bitstamp accepts bank transfers, SEPA transfers, credit cards and Astropay. All of these methods differ from each other in the speed of transactions and the size of commission fees. Payment methods will be discussed below.


Now you can start buying Bitcoins. For beginners, I recommend starting with market orders (they are instant orders) to familiarize yourself with the interface. Market orders are the easiest option because they do not require knowledge of how the market works. Another advantage is that market orders are executed instantly. The downside is that you cannot set the maximum price that you are willing to pay, so it’s best to use this method to buy small amounts.


Alternatives: Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken,


Online Exchanges


An alternative to cryptocurrency exchangers are online exchanges. On online exchanges, you can directly contact Bitcoin sellers. After you accept their offer, the cryptocurrency will be accepted for storage until you provide proof of your payment. The seller then transfers Bitcoins to your wallet.


The best thing about these exchanges is that they give you the opportunity to refund if there are problems with the transaction. They have proven themselves well in the market, so you can trust them. Localbitcoins provides the most extensive opportunities for buying Bitcoins. They accept bank transfers, online wallets, Paypal, debit cards, cash by Mail, Transferwise and many other payment methods.


Buying Bitcoins here is easy and simple. You need to register an account that is created with the Localbitcoins online wallet. Use two-factor authentication for added security. Select your region / currency. After that you can go to the main menu and look for sellers. As with any exchange, different sellers will have different prices. It is also worth considering that depending on the payment method chosen, the price will be different.


Reputation and reviews are key factors to consider when choosing a seller. It’s best to trade with sellers who have the highest reputation. Using this service to communicate with sellers and make deposits will allow you to resolve disputes arising during the purchase.


Alternatives: OTCBTC, PaxFul, BitQuick, and WallofCoins.


Direct Payments


Direct payments can be made both online and in real life, and you can find such people almost anywhere:: friends who already own Bitcoins, Telegram and Whatsapp groups, Facebook, specialized forums such as, and so on.


Direct payments online are the bread and butter of hackers and scammers. Transferring money (or anything else) to a stranger online without guarantees, is tantamount to jumping into an abyss. Remember the golden rule: if the proposal is too tempting to be true, then it’s most likely a lie.


In order to avoid such risks, both parties can arrange a meeting in real life. 


The pros are obvious: direct payments are anonymous (unless one of you is being watched) and there is no commission.


There are some decentralized services in which you can rely on a reputation system, for example Mycelium (it’s available only on Android), which searches for buyers and sellers to match. ut despite this, you still have to trust the stranger. 


Bitcoin ATMs


You won’t believe it, but these are ATMs where you can buy and sell Bitcoins. Since these devices are a kind of novelty, they are rather difficult to find (mainly, they are installed in large cities), so you can consider yourself lucky if one of them is nearby.


Bitcoin ATMs are a simple, convenient and potentially anonymous way to buy Bitcoin (if you pay in cash, not with a card). On the other hand, they usually charge a high commission/ In addition to everything, usually they have a low daily limit (from 250 to 5,000 dollars).


ATMs are not distributed very evenly, as most of them are located in the USA and Canada, and only 21% in Europe. The plus is that every day 5 new ATMs are installed, and perhaps one of them will be in your neighborhood tomorrow.


Another thing to keep in mind is that there aren’t many such ATMs, due to which they are an easy target to watch, which criminals sometimes do, so look around before using it.


Payment Methods


If you have decided on the place of purchase, you need to now choose a payment method. Types of payments differ from each other. I will consider these differences according to such determining factors: level of security, anonymity, cost and transaction speed. Generally, the more anonymous your choice is, the higher the price and level of uncertainty is.


  1. Bank Transfers. The simplest and safest way to transfer your money to Bitcoin. You can pay with bank transfers on online exchanges, and of course with direct payments.  A transaction can take from several minutes to a week (for international transfers). Tariffs are not always transparent, and usually add up, so it’s best to check your bank before sending money abroad. This method is suitable for those for who don’t mind being non-anonymous and wait for some time;

  2. Credit / Debit Card Bank cards are an easy, fast and secure way to pay for a Bitcoin purchase. Although this option is not as common as the good old bank transfers. And you will obviously have to pay for the convenience. During the transfer of funds from a bank card, some banks perceive this payment as a cash withdrawal and impose an additional commission. You can use bank cards on services such as Bitstamp, Coinbase and Some Bitcoin ATMs accept bank cards. Or you can buy Bitcoins from brokers like Coinmana and Changelly. This method is suitable for those who do not care about the anonymity and price of conversion. In general, it’s great for exchanging small amounts;

  3. PayPal, Neteller and other online payment platforms. Although some exchanges may accept payments from digital platforms, is not really widespread. PayPal is mainly limited to over-the-counter markets or direct payments, due to the risks associated with fraud, a refund policy, and the irreversibility of BTC transactions. Since using this method adds another intermediary, this option usually costs more than a regular bank transfer. Not all sellers will want to use digital systems. Also, do not forget about the features of the banking system of your countries;

  4. Cash / Gift Vouchers. Bitcoin is a currency with a high level of anonymity. However, this anonymity depends on certain points that avoid physical identification. If you want to remain anonymous at the time of purchase, then you need to choose an anonymous entry point, such as cash or gift certificates. Keep in mind that this method will limit you in certain ways. Regulated markets, such as exchanges, must abide by anti-money laundering laws, so don't expect them to accept cash. Bitcoin ATMs work with cash, but require a certain form of identification, and since Bitcoin continues to develop, this trend is likely to continue. This encourages us to use online exchanges such as Localbitcoins and direct payments. Money can be sent by bank transfer or by mail. Payment confirmation may take several days. This method is suitable for those who appreciate anonymity and are willing to pay for it.


Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus


The search for a no deposit bonus is exactly what unites a huge number of novice Bitcoin casino players. Such free offers appear much less often when compared with the tradition casino deposit bonuses, but I have prepared some fascinating Bitcoin casino sites with several special offers for the most demanding player. In addition, in this review you will find the most favorable bonus offers from the best Bitcoin casinos that do not require replenishment of your funds.


If you do not fully understand what exactly a no deposit bonus is, then you have no need to worry, because I have prepared a simple but informative analysis specifically for you.


Now let's move on to the most important - the description of the section where you can find these wonderful suggestions.


What Exactly is a Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus?


Fortunately, there is nothing complicated about such free offers. Bitcoin no deposit is a common type of bonus that a player can receive after registering a game account in a Bitcoin casino. As a rule, you will not be required to make a deposit to calculate the bonus, which means that you can start playing immediately after the account registration procedure is completed.


If you are lucky enough, you will be able to win a large amount of cash, and then you will most likely have to make at least a minimum deposit, but only in order to withdraw your honestly earned winnings. The offers of a no deposit bonus are usually not large, but its amount should be enough to start playing your favorite Bitcoin games for free, and the same time you get to test the functionality and service of the online casino.


Unfortunately, there aren’t many casinos that offer a free Bitcoin bonus, but if you do find one, then try to take full advantage of this offer and get the maximum benefit for yourself. In the end, if you like the casino and decide to continue playing in it, then in addition to the no-deposit you will most likely find other welcome bonuses, like bonus on the first deposit. And some casinos also offer free spins and other goodies for replenishing the game balance. In other words, you can use and enjoy many bonuses.


Most bonuses will have certain wagering requirements, which must be completed prematurely for the further withdrawal of funds to your Bitcoin wallet. Due to the simple conditions and the fact that the game is based on digital currency, it’s not at all difficult for many novice players to get many of these bonuses, but sometimes Bitcoin casinos can make it harder for the players and put additional restrictions on the maximum withdrawal amount of your winnings. In this case, after the withdrawal of the allowable amount, all remaining funds will be withdrawn from your balance. But this fades against the backdrop of many other advantages when playing at a Bitcoin casino.


What is Best Bitcoin Casino With No Deposit Bonus?


As mentioned above, it can actually be a little difficult to find a casino where such an offer will be available for players. In fact, most casinos, focus more on deposit bonuses and free spins, but there are still those that are happy to offer you a Bitcoin no-deposit bonus. The 3 best Bitcoin casinos with no deposit bonuses are:


  1. FortuneJack Casino;

  2. BetChain Casino;

  3. 7Bit Casino.


Be sure to check them out. Getting any Bitcoin bonus is always not only pleasant, but also profitable. Let's not forget that thanks to cryptocurrencies, all deposits and payments will be completely anonymous and all transfers will take much less time compared to online casinos using fiat money. Therefore, as soon as you fulfill all the conditions for wagering the bonus, you can safely send a request for withdrawal of funds. Your withdrawal request will be proceeded very quickly too.


If you analyze the wagering requirements for Bitcoin bonus, then you will see that conditions for each online casino are different, but usually you need to scroll at least 25 times. For example, this means that you need to bet the amount of the bonus received at least 25 times, that is, if you received 100 mBTC no deposit bonus, then in total you need to bet 2.5 Bitcoins (= 2500 mBTC) without losing all the funds. You will be able to cash out your money only after that.


Please note that the percentage taken of the bet made can be absolutely different. For example, in video slots it is 100% most of the time. It means that the amount deposited is fully taken into account for wagering the bonus. In board games, the percentage will be less, and gaming activity in roulette may not be taken into account at all. Therefore, do not forget to read the terms and conditions on the casino website before you start playing.


Bitcoin Deposit Bonus


Bitcoin online casinos do a really great job, offering their customers deposit bonuses as a special reward and encouragement to let the players feel that they are really appreciated and thanked for their loyalty and choice among the many other BTC casinos. For players, such bonuses are a great opportunity to significantly increase their game bankroll and start playing casino games with more Bitcoin funds on the balance, and most importantly - get more chances to win large sums and other valuable prizes.


The term "Bitcoin casino first deposit bonus” implies special encouragement in the form of additional BTC funds that are accrued to all players who completed the registration procedure and created their very first gaming account on the casino website and for the first time replenished their account with Bitcoins. The deposit amount instantly appears on the balance of the player’s account and thereby is transferred to gambling funds, or a bankroll, which can then be used to make bets in virtual casino games, card and table games, and gaming machines, which are available on the casino website. Logically, the first deposit bonus can be accrued only once in a certain casino, poker room or bookmaker, and then alternative bonus offers may be offered for players who want to make repeated deposits to replenish their account once again.


Why is Bitcoin Deposit so Valuable And How do You Get it?


Basically, as a bonus for a Bitcoin deposit, the player receives a certain percentage of the deposit amount. The amount of the bonus usually depends on the financial capabilities of the casino and its goodwill. As a rule, the first bonuses are usually the most generous, as they can reach 100% up to 1 Bitcoin (sometimes more), that is, the casino rewards you with a bonus equal to the amount of your deposit. But there are restrictions both on the minimum deposit amount, for example, at least 0.05 BTC, and on the maximum,like1 BTC. Recently, even more and more large bonuses come across, such as 200% or 300% (or even more), but it’s best to study all of the reviews about the casinos that offer such generous offers to make sure that it’s not a scam.


The bonus received for the first deposit cannot be instantly withdrawn from the game account, since it must be wagered. That is, you have to make bets in a casino, poker room or at bookmaker for a certain amount. In some cases, you will be able to withdraw the funds won, but the amount of your deposit and bonus should remain untouched. In addition, I recommend you to spend some time in order to carefully study the conditions for receiving and wagering the bonus for its further withdrawal, because sooner or later you will want to withdraw bonus funds. As a result, in order for you to have the opportunity to withdraw all funds, you will need to fully wager the bonus - place bets on the total amount that will be a couple or tens of times the amount of your deposit. Such requirements must be present on all reliable and secure Bitcoin casino portals, but they can change from time to time.


Looking for a Trustworthy Bitcoin Casino With a Deposit Bonus


You are most likely looking for the answer to this particular question, and I am pleased to inform you have made the right choice by reading this review and visit our site. The following casinos offer best Bitcoin deposit bonuses:


  • FortuneJack Casino;

  • Bao Casino;

  • mBit Casino.


Like I’ve already mentioned earlier, it is important to remember that the received bonus for the first Bitcoin deposit can only be used to make bets, because the Bitcoin casino will not allow you to withdraw it immediately after receiving it. This means that you should look not only for the largest bonus, but also the most profitable and easily redeemable one.


Bitcoin Free Spins


As of now, there are not many things left in the world that can be obtained absolutely for free, but this is not at all the case when it comes to the online gambling industry. In fact, as a virtual player, you have the right to receive certain types of bonuses for very simple and quick actions, for example, for registering a game account or deposit on almost every casino site. Usually, when someone mentions the word “bonus”, you want to get something for free, and in this case, free spins fit the description ideally.


In fact, free spins offers are a great opportunity for numerous Internet casino sites to invite and entertain new players, as well as show their loyalty for existing ones. And for every loyal online gambler, getting free spins means increasing the chances of winning significant amounts of prizes in the most popular and favorite virtual slot machines. Perhaps this is precisely the main reason why many people love virtual gambling so much. Most of the Bitcoin casinos give out free spins, as a rule, limiting them to some reasonable amount, but in the end you do not have to pay for them, and if you are lucky, you can hit the jackpot without spending literally one cent (or mBTC) on your bets. Intriguing, right?


In fact, the level of your awareness not matter at all, because you can be a complete beginner and take your first steps into the world of Bitcoin gambling, or you can be a super pro who regularly withdraws large sums of money from a casino - in both cases you can easily get your free spins that can be used in a large and varied number of Bitcoin gaming machine.


Keep in mind that Bitcoin casinos often set certain conditions that players have to fulfill in order to receive free spins, but, usually, they are not at all complicated and really feasible. As a rule, there are two types of free spins bonuses offered to players. In the first case you are offered a separate bonus or as part of a bonus offer for registering in a specific game portal, or for completing a specific task.


In addition, there is another opportunity to get free spins - for playing in a particular slot on the casino website, where you can be rewarded with the activation of a bonus game (free spins) for collecting a certain combination of symbols during the game. As you understand, in this case you will have to immediately use the received free spins, otherwise the bonus may disappear without the ability to use it after some time. In such cases, up to 10 free spins are usually given, which is more than enough to try your luck and get some large winnings. This, it is not surprising why so many online casino players are very excited about free spins.


How to Get Free Spins in a Few Clicks?


I wouldn’t tell you so much information about free spins if I couldn’t tell you where exactly you can get them. Our site can become your main source and universal guide to the world of the Bitcoin gaming industry and among a huge number of other useful things that we are happy to share with you, you will also learn everything about the best and latest Bitcoin casino free spins offers. 


Best Bitcoin casinos with free spin offers are:


  1. 1xBit Casino;

  2. BitStarz Casino;

  3. MegaDice Casino.


Bitcoin Reload Bonus


The main objective of such a bonus is to increase funds on the balance of the game account and thereby renew your game activity so that you have the opportunity to make more bets and spend more time on your favorite game. Everything is exactly the same as with the welcome bonus, but the reload bonus is accrued only with a repeated Bitcoin deposit. There are plenty of Bitcoin casinos where reload bonuses are regularly offered, thereby giving players more motivation and funds to play. If you have a chance to get such a bonus, then be sure to use this unique opportunity.


As in the case of the first deposit bonus, reload bonus is accrued in a fixed percentage depending on the amount of replenishment of the account that the player made in the Bitcoin casino. As a rule, in comparison with the bonus for the first deposit, the reload bonus is usually a little lower, but it all depends solely on the generosity of the gaming platform. In addition, it is the casino that decides when and for what actions the bonus is credited, because, for example, it can be automatically credited for the second deposit in the account, or for each subsequent replenishment, or only during a certain period of time as a part of an exclusive promotion.


Are There Any Pitfalls With Reload Bonuses?


Theoretically, pitfalls can happen in any Bitcoin casino. Therefore, you should take the time to carefully study the conditions for receiving and wagering the bonus on the casino website, After that you should not have any unforeseen situations and you can fully enjoy the use of the reload bonus in your favorite casino games on Bitcoins. These bonuses are usually intended and offered to every loyal player, so if you are just like that, then why wait if you can get a Bitcoin reload casino bonus right away?


Quite often, after a player receives and uses a welcome bonus, he will need to deposit some money for further play. In such a situation, the reload bonus will be an ideal solution to replenish the game bankroll, thanks to which the player will be able to continue to open all new Bitcoin casino games and hopefully  win them. Naturally, with further play and the use of bonus funds, you will significantly increase your chances of winning.


It is important to know that the won back Bitcoin reload bonus can be instantly withdrawn from your game account for its further use for any purposes, including re-gambling. However, you should avoid suspicious platforms, especially those that have a poor quality design and, if possible, check the availability of licenses and reviews of other players.


Bitcoin Slots


Bitcoin slots are online casino slot machines in which you can make cryptocurrency bets.


It is real to win in such slot machines, which is proved by the reviews provided by real players on the Internet. You can also try out demo versions of slots in most of the casinos and see how much you like them.


At times casinos provide a chance to win without risking, as users are given the opportunity to make spins in slot machines for free. To choose the right machine correctly, just study the reviews on the network, the reputation of the developer of gaming software, or try the demo version.


The user must understand that such leisure is a game of chance, where there is no guarantee of winning. 


Top Bitcoin Slots


The software described below is available on several resources. All of the slots are from trusted developers that are presented on several gaming platforms. 


Immortal Romance


If you like the theme of mysticism and vampires, then you will definitely like this slot. The pulsating game logo is at the same time a wild symbol, which doubles the payout whenever a winning combination occurs. And there are as many as 243 winning combinations in the slot! But it is the golden door sign of the lion that will bring the greatest wealth.


The slot also has scatters, which open the doors to the Chamber of Spins, where four more bonus features await you. Rewards range from free spins to 6x multipliers. 


Super Flip


This fascinating slot offers 800 different bet combinations and a grand prize of 1,000,000 coins. Pick from 3 to 5 decorated symbols and win from 20 to 250 coins, or find from 2 to 5 scatter symbols to unlock multipliers that are 250 times your bet. There are also two bonus features that give out free spins and repeated spins throughout the game, increasing your chances of a super spin.


Golden Ticket


This circus slot immerses you in a unique atmosphere. The appearance of three or more identical characters in the next line will begin your path to success.


Each time you create a payline, a wild symbol will appear in the center, and then the remaining matching symbols disappear, which gives you more chances to win, since the reels are automatically shuffled and new pay lines are created. Clear enough characters to open the bonus function, and you will encounter a holiday exhibition task that will allow you to win 35 times your bet. Clear the entire reels and the x200 multiplier will be your main prize.


Cloud Quest


The slot corresponds to the same 5x5 cleaning reel format as the Golden Ticket, but with many more ways to win, bonus rounds and an additional level-up feature. That is, the gameplay is more advanced.


Four modes of re-spin or multiplier will help you in the metropolis above the clouds, but the real heat will come with the advent of the bonus function of the game. Kill the monsters guarding the treasures in a special 3x1 drum game and you will be on your way to the x2500 multiplier. Cryptocurrency is hidden in the clouds, and your goal is to fill your pockets with it, taking as much as you can carry.


Ascent to Olympus


In this slot you will become the Ancient Greek God. Simply rotate the drum to find three or more matching characters in a 5x5 reel. And then just start getting rich, as the multiplier will continue to increase every time you get on the pay line.


You can benefit from the help of God's Hand on non-winning backs too, where Zeus and Poseidon use their otherworldly powers to randomly transform characters on the reels and give you another chance to win 5,000 times the bet from one spin. The Gods are ready to help and are waiting for you.




Get ready for a truly electrified extraterrestrial experience. Reactoonz is a 7x7 slot machine teeming with small alien creatures. Combine five or more to win 750 times your bet on one line, and then watch the creatures explode and descend on the screen, creating new chances to win every time.


If your spin ignites enough sparks to destroy 25 aliens at the same time, you will activate one of the five quantum functions of the game. There is also a 3x3 Gargantuan symbol in this parallel universe that guarantees big winnings.


Moon Princess


Moon Princess is a thematic slot about the guardians of the galaxy. This slot will help you find out what real magic is. Spin the reels to unlock the powers of the princesses by launching one of five bonus rounds that will help you win 5000 times your bet.


Clear all the symbols on the reels and you will have a chance to choose between the three guardians of the galaxy for free play mode, and remember: the more you risk, the more the payout it. Shoot the stars and turn your spins into magical victories.


Big Win Cat


If you love cats, you will truly enjoy this wonderful slot. It's all about the conditions and multipliers of the slot, that also combine the unique atmosphere and the luck that the Good Luck Cat mascot brings. With three reels and five paylines, Big Win Cat has the Respin of luck feature. Gather three cats in a row and get a winning 160 times your bet.


If you manage to stack three reels with the same symbol, be prepared to join the big fisher, the Bit Cat club, with which you can activate the Multiplier Wheel. This feature will give a 10x multiplier to your winnings, which will increase the bet by 800 times.


Book of the Dead


Book of the Dead is one of the most popular slots. This is a game with five reels and ten lines. The dungeons of Ancient Egypt, dominated by Anubis and Osiris, are waiting for true adventurers. If you are brave enough, then you will be rewarded with Bitcoins.


With eleven different symbols and the well-known symbol of the Book of the Dead (which acts as a wildcard), lining up expensive cards will result in an exciting multiplication of 5,000 times your bet if you manage to place five symbols on a given payline. One of these characters is Rich Wilde, the hero and adventurer.


Getting three or more scattered characters from the Book of the Dead will give you 10 free spins, maximizing your chances of taking huge earnings from the Egyptian underworld.


Mr. Vegas


Las Vegas is a traditional theme for an online slot. Excellent musical accompaniment in the best traditions of jazz, high-quality 3D-graphics and a progressive jackpot are the advantages of this slot machine that you can play in Bitcoins. 


Mr. Vegas slot does not have wild symbols, but this is fully offset by the presence of generous bonus games (you can get free spins and increase your winnings by 10 times). There is also a bonus game where you have to guess a few winning symbols. In another bonus game, a prize spin of the wheel is launched, which results in additional wins, bonus games or jackpots. There are five reels and thirty paylines on the screen.


Bitcoin Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the easiest to understand and popular games on the planet. This review will help you quickly understand its essence and start winning.


It’s unknown where exactly the game is originated. Some believe that it was founded in Italy, while others think that it’s history starts with France. But it doesn’t matter, because the goal of the game remains the same- to score 21 points or the number of points as close as possible to the 21. The speed of the game is limited only by how quickly you decide to stand or hit.


Let's look in more detail.


What is Blackjack?


Interestingly, Blackjack got its name from a publicity stunt. When gambling was legalized in Nevada, casino owners tried to attract players with high payouts. The biggest bonus was given for the combination of jack of spades and ace of the same suit. 


The game quickly came to taste, as it was easy to understand and had a high probability of winning. In addition, you did not need to compete with other opponents, but only with the dealer, regardless of how many players were at the table. This allows to focus only on your game and cards.


Blackjack Rules


The main goal is to beat the dealer. Like I’ve already said, the winner is the one who scores 21 points or the sum of points as close as possible to 21. A set of 22 points or more means that you have been defeated.  However, if in the distribution both you and the dealer scored more than 21 points, then a tie is fixed and the amount of your bet is returned to you.


Each card has its own nominal value. The exception is an ace, which can mean 1 point or 11 points. You are the one to choose it’s value, which makes the ace one of the most attractive cards.


The game starts when you, the dealer and other players receive one card, and then the second one With one exception, if your two cards are face up and immediately visible, then the dealer can see only one card, while the second is face down.


If you get an ace with a king, an ace with a queen, an ace with a jack or an ace with a ten - this is called blackjack and you are granted an instant victory. Exception is if the dealer also has one of these combinations. In this case, a tie is fixed and the amount of your bet is returned to you.


If you get any other combination that is less than 21 the game keeps going. Next, you are offered a choice of one of three options: Hit, Stand, Doubledown (Double).


If you choose “Hit”, it means that you take another card. “Stand" - you no longer take cards. "Double" - this allows the player to double the bet on the first two cards that were dealt to him. After that he will receive another card.


There is also a fourth option that is called “Split”. If a player has two cards of the same value on his hand (that is, 2 and 2, 3 and 3, etc., as well as two pictures, even if they are unequal, for example, a queen and a king), then the dealer offers the player a Split, that is, a split into two. If the player agrees, then he makes a bet equal to the previous one on the game table, and the dealer divides the cards into two hands, deals one card for each and continues to play with the player.


Where to Play Bitcoin Blackjack?


Today, there are many gambling establishments who accept Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal of funds. Therefore, fans of Bitcoin Blackjack can easily play the game from anywhere in the world with comfort.


To start playing Bitcoin Blackjack, register an account at one of the casinos. When choosing, you can safely trust top gambling establishments, where only the best representatives are gathered. The most reliable option is the BitCasino website, which provides an excellent platform for the game.


Bitcoin Roulette


Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games of all time. Since it was first invented in the 17th century in France, it became an iconic game that people from all over the world immediately recognize. These days, almost every Bitcoin casino offers roulette in its composition of games.


Bitcoin Roulette Basics


Bitcoin roulette is a game of chance, which you can join using cryptocurrency. It consists of a numbered rotating wheel and a field with numbers. Players need to guess the next number on the wheel and make their bet on one of the options. After the wheel stops, you can see on which cell the ball was. This number is considered victorious.


Winning players receive payouts according to the rate of the bet they made. For example, a bet on one number will bring a payout 36 times the original bet. Some options will bring only doubled profit. There are many different types and different coefficients, such as: red, black, even, odd and others.


This game is very popular, so there are so many different variations. The most common is Bitcoin Roulette with one zero per field. Some other types are:


  • European roulette. Bitcoin European roulette consists of a spinning wheel and a betting field with numbers from 0 to 36. All numbers are painted in black or red, there is also a green zero. Margin in this game is approximately 2.7%;

  • American roulette. This popular version also consists of numbers from 0 to 36, but there are two zeros. Due to the double zero, margin here is higher than in the European version, being 5.26%;

  • French roulette. In this version, the entire field is in French, but it is played according to standard rules. It is considered the progenitor of all other types of roulette.


List of Best Casinos With Bitcoin Roulette


As of today, there are a lot of casinos that offer Bitcoin Roulette, but the best ones are:


  1. BitCasino;

  2. BitStarz;

  3. FortuneJack.


Bitcoin Dice


Bitcoin Dice is the simplest game of chance. In fact, the rules come down to two things:


  • You choose how many Bitcoins you want to bet.

  • You make a bet using a number between 1 and 100, trying to guess whether the number that has fallen is higher or lower than your bet.


Experienced players appreciate Bitcoin dice for the typical advantages of cryptocurrency:


  • Anonymous gambling

  • Cheap and smart transactions

  • Provably fair games




PrimeDice is clearly the leader among such portals. From the very beginning, the player receives 100 Satoshi for free (0.00000100 BTC) - the first impressions of the process are available without any deposits. If the balance drops to zero, the user can accumulate a small amount using the built-in Bitcoin tap.


PrimeDice is notable for its simplified registration: all that is required of the user is to come up with a name. After that you can start playing Bitcoin dice.


Chat is available on the left side of the screen so that players do not get bored. The number of online players is very decent: it's hard to catch the moment when the user counter on the site drops below two thousand. There is also a chat, where you will often see successful bets and predictions about the price of Bitcoin.




SatoshiDice offers players similar conditions. Authorization is automatic, and if you want to get back to your anonymous account again, just use the unique link, which is located in the “Account” tab. There you can set a password, two-factor authentication and other things.


House Edge is 0.5%. Another half percent goes to the progressive jackpot. Thus, the base payout is 99%.


SatoshiDice supports the principle of provably fair gambling. Players can ensure that all results are fair.


If PrimeDice can be compared to a noisy casino where there is no place to fall, then this portal looks more like a cozy basement where there are only a few gamblers at the table. It will appeal to those who do not like chat rooms too much and prefer simplicity.




Crypto-Games is suitable for fans of the golden mean. The casino is not as noisy as PrimeDice, but without the grave silence of SatoshiDice. The site has a chat, and there are usually several hundred users online. Crypto-Games offers players a traditional provably fair dice. There is also a referral system in case you want to call friends.


Bitcoin Lottery


Lotto is one of those games that is extremely understandable and liked by people of all generations. The goal is to pick a lucky number and win the jackpot. No special knowledge or skills are needed to participate, so many people really enjoy it. The cost of participation here is usually scanty and you can get a solid jackpot.


Bitcoin lottery is available on the largest and most popular site accepting only Bitcoin - This casino is one of the few licensed casinos providing fast and secure transactions. Players can make a deposit anonymously and start playing instantly.


Types of Bitcoin Lottery


Bitcoin Lotto is not very different from the usual game that everyone knows. The only difference is that payments are made in cryptocurrencies.


5 Out of 36


It combines traditional bets and a lottery. This lotto consists of balls of four different colors: white, blue, red and green. Thanks to colorful balls and numbers on them, the game offers many variations of various bets. Before the start of the draw, you can make a bet on the following:


  • Rooms;

  • White balls;

  • Green balls;

  • Red balls;

  • Blue balls;

  • Different colors.


7 Out of 42


This type of lottery consists of 21 yellow and 21 black balls. The sum of all the numbers on the balls is 903. Each time 7 numbers out of 42 are randomly selected. You can bet on one or several outcomes before the start of the round. The following types of bets are available for players:


  • Rooms;

  • The total number of black / yellow balls;

  • Even/ odd;

  • Black / yellow


Live Bitcoin lottery is a quick and easy option to start an exciting game. In a matter of minutes, you can make a deposit in Bitcoins, choose the appropriate type of lotto and place a bet. The game is based on luck, so there is no need to learn complex rules or practice in different techniques.


Bitcoin Poker


To start the game you need to get acquainted with the basic rules of poker, as well as learn all the possible combinations and ranks. With this knowledge, it will be easier to understand how the odds for the hand are formed. In general, you can navigate the playing field without the experience of playing real poker, but then the process itself will not be as interesting.


The dealer distributes cards to 6 different players and the first round of betting begins. You can choose one or more hands to bet on the proposed odds. Next, the flop is laid out on the table: 3 community cards for making a combination. Then the second round of bidding takes place, where you can bet on any hand again. After that, the dealer puts the fourth community card - the turn and the last round of bidding begins. The game ends with the last fifth card - the river.


When all the cards are laid out on the table, the winner’s hand is announced. Also, there is an instant calculation of all winnings that are credited to the balance of the player right away. If at any stage of bidding you made a bet on a winning hand, you will receive a prize according to the coefficient with which you made a bet. The dealer collects and shuffles the deck and a new distribution begins.


Bet on Poker will appeal to all fans of Texas Hold'em, but even if you've never played poker before, be sure to try this simplified version. The lingering expectation and a sense of joy when the card you need appears on the table simply cannot be expressed in words.


The beauty of Bitcoin poker betting is that you can participate in the game on every round of trading. That is, you can always influence what is happening and win back what was spent in the previous round.

Best Casinos That Offer Bitcoin Poker


There are two of them and both offer incredible services:


  • BitCasino;

  • Cloudbet.

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